That’s So Rude!

Most salespeople are taught never to ask a prospect or client if they have a few minutes to talk. “They’re trained to think that this act of politeness is actually an escape hatch for you, giving you a way out of the conversation,” sales expert Steve Kloyda says. But the truth is, a little courtesy can go a long way. “Start asking for permission, and get an invitation to the conversation. By giving them the choice instead of playing power games, you show them that they are valuable, even before they become your clients. If they are shown respect from the start, they are more likely to stay.”

The next time you make a sales call, or even an unscheduled follow-up call, start the conversation by introducing yourself and saying, “I know you weren’t expecting my call. Is now a convenient time to talk?” That simple question can open doors and just might help you avoid being labeled a nuisance.


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