Tanja Subotic on The Power of Shifting Your Perspective


PUBLISHED: August 11, 2023
Tanja Subotic

As the adage goes, you can do anything you set your mind to. But what does that actually mean? Your mind is a powerful tool. Yet so many of us are either unaware of that fact or simply lack proper guidance on how to “use” it.

According to a Stanford University article, research shows that mindset plays a significant role in determining life’s outcomes. When you learn how to access the power of your mind, your reality changes because your perspective changes.

Once you understand how to master your mindset and change your perspective, you can discover a deeper understanding of self, which allows you to connect with your spirit. This awakening opens many doors to manifesting the life you desire.

You may be wondering, how is that possible? Tanja Subotic, an intuitive conduit of Divine Wisdom, author of The Golden Virtue: Unveiled and entrepreneur, shares her experience.

“Realizing that I had been living fragmented and disconnected from the guidance of my spirit, I rekindled a severed cord to my divinity. And in this sacred union, I found harmony in my thoughts that began to pivot my well-being from fragmented into wholeness, by allowing higher governance of thinking,” Subotic says.

Why learn to shift your perspective?

Thoughts shape our reality, so why not learn how to shape our thoughts?

“Know thyself to know how to master thyself. Knowledge is a tool to guide us inward to unveil our inner world of truth. The more knowledge we gain, the more governance we have over our life. As we begin to master self-governance we can master our thoughts,” Subotic shares.

Whatever obstacles you may be facing, Subotic’s wisdom can help you shift your perspective.

“We cannot heal what we don’t know lives within us. We can heal in the light of our divinity as the wisdom needed for guidance lives in the light,” Subotic emphasizes, and “when you’re open to receiving it, it will happen. It’s just a matter of focusing your intentions on that.”

As Subotic believes, when discussions of self are not expressed, it leaves us not knowing who we truly are.

“Because we do not know who we are, we quite honestly don’t know how to live and, in effect, participate in life unconsciously and unaware,” Subotic says. But this can be altered when we start living life from within. “Within us, this divine source exists that governs the mind and the body and as the source vitality of life, known as the soul. But to activate this power we must be aware of it,” Subotic explains.

Uncovering your true self

Individuals are often encouraged to define who they are to gain a better grasp on their life. However, Subotic believes doing so can “reduce the vastness and the sacredness of the divine truth of our essence to the sense perception of mankind as we exist as an ever-evolving unfoldment of creation itself.”

You are constantly evolving and growing as life continues. In fact, change is inevitable. When you invite it into your life, you move into a position of control. With this newfound awareness and understanding comes the ability to shape your reality how you want without the looming presence of uncertainty, fear and obscurity.

“Journey inward to seek this tabernacle of truth and wisdom within your temple,” Subotic says. “Your sacred interior temple is the divine source, which gives you life.”

“Everything good must start from within,” she says. And once you uncover the self, you understand how your mind works, how your thoughts are formed. From there, your spiritually enlightened journey has just begun.

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