Take Control of Your Business

UPDATED: May 22, 2023
PUBLISHED: September 8, 2009

In this economic climate,
it’s easy to feel out of control. Profits are down, clients are disappearing, and right
when you need the most help, your budget is cut. But instead of throwing your
hands up and blaming the state of the nation, take responsibility for your future.
Ignore the bad news and take action now to make the most of your business.

Yes, profits may be down. But do you know why? Does your product or service
really meet your clients’ needs? Paul Zane Pilzer says
too many business owners
get set in a pattern and forget to adapt to changing markets or demographics.

Other business owners are simply running the business that’s convenient or
economical, without ever determining if it’s the right fit for their skill set and

If you’re like most business leaders, you are inundated with e-mail, phone
calls and scheduled meetings that usurp your valuable time. You have a tough
time keeping your head above water, much less innovating to stay ahead of the
competition. Before you get flooded by the details, Stephen R.
Covey helps you
take a look at what’s really important to you and your business

Sales have slumped almost across the board. This is a perfect time to
reevaluate your approach. Stellar sales don’t happen overnight; you need
preparation and cooperation from the entire team. Let Jeffrey
Gitomer help you
get prepped.

If your brand isn’t reaching consumers, you’ve got to spend some time on
marketing, getting the word out about your product or service. And despite
budget cuts, it’s vital now more than ever to make sure that the public sees you
as the go-to source. Gary Vaynerchuk helps you get brand-savvy.
And if you’re truly serious about building your business, networking is a must.
Harvey Mackay says it’s all about who you know.

Once you get the clients in the door, customer service
is the way to keep
them, says Ken Blanchard.
Do you have a way to measure your customer service
success? Is every member of your team a part of the customer service plan
of action?

The economy may be in a slump, but your business success is still within your
control. It’s time to take the reins.