Take a Risk with Edgy Advertising

Legal Sea Foods, a Boston-based restaurant chain with locations along the East Coast, is featured in the February 2014 issue of SUCCESS. The company approaches advertising with edge, like this series of short videos with themes that poke fun at environmentalist stances on fishing.

“The ads feature salmon, trout and crabs (none of which are endangered), and are meant to poke fun but also educate the public. They work because you have to be smart to get them. Part of our brand is that fish is brain food. If you’re not smart enough to get my ads, then you’re not my target audience,” says Roger Berkowitz, CEO, in the SUCCESS column, which features businesses that use edgy humor to get attention.

The February issue is on newsstands January 14. Pick up a copy to read the full “How To…” column on how to take a risk with your advertising campaign–with messages that will spark a reaction.


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