This 1 Thing Is Killing Your Productivity

This One Thing Is Killing Your Productivity

By Ryan Serhant / February 18, 2021 /

An excerpt from Ryan Serhant’s new book, ‘Big Money Energy: How to Rule at Work, Dominate at Life, and Make Millions’

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Fall Down. Get Back Up. Together: The Importance of Accountability for Daily Discipline

By Matt Crossman / February 3, 2021 /

Want to get better at sticking to your to-do list? Make yourself accountable to somebody to have discipline.

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11 Things Organized and Productive People Do Every Day

11 Things Organized and Productive People Do Every Day

By Travis Bradberry / November 10, 2020 /

We often confuse being productive with working as fast as we can, every second of the day. We fear that slowing down to get organized will kill our productivity, but the facts suggest otherwise: The average office employee spends over one hour each day just looking for things. The average U.S. executive spends six weeks…

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How to Create the Perfect Conditions for Deep Focus

By Michael Mooney / October 12, 2020 /

‘Deep work’ can help you do what you do best in a world full of distractions. Here are tips for making the time and space to think deeply.

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How to Stay Productive Without Sacrificing Creativity

By Cecilia Meis / September 13, 2020 /

There are ways to hit your deadlines without the negative emotional, mental and physical effects of cramming.

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6 Simple Ways to Find Motivation in Everyday Life

6 Simple Ways to Find Motivation in Your Everyday Life

By Tyler Hicks / August 31, 2020 /

Motivation is all around you. It’s on your bookshelf, in your past triumphs and in your relationships.

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overwhelmed with work

6 Things to Do If You Feel Overwhelmed With Work

By Tyler Hicks / June 15, 2020 /

Here is what to do when you bite off more than you can chew.

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more productive working from home

How Working From Home Can Make You More Productive

By Jonny Auping / April 27, 2020 /

What are the advantages of working from home, now that no one is watching you work?

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This Pandemic Is Our Teacher

By Michael Pietrzak / April 26, 2020 /

Times of disruption are fertile ground for massive growth. The conditions are ripe for us to evolve, to start something new, to go inward and re-emerge stronger.

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12 Efficiency Secrets of the World’s Busiest People

By Michael Pietrzak / April 20, 2020 /

A Graduate-Level Course in Getting Things Done

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