Jaylon Smith

How Jaylon Smith’s Resilient Optimism Makes Him Successful On and Off the Field

By Jeff Sullivan / February 21, 2020 /

After an injury cost him millions, Jaylon Smith didn’t know if he would ever play football again. But he wasn’t deterred.

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The Adventurer Begins

By Scott Bedgood / January 14, 2020 /

Alastair Humphreys, an acclaimed explorer, tackles his self-described midlife crisis.

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How to Build and Trust a Foundation You Cant See

How to Build and Trust a Foundation You Can’t See

By Jonny Auping / October 25, 2019 /

Few careers, goals or long-term projects come with step-by-step instructions. You’re not always going to see your foundation, but you can’t build anything without one. Here are a few things to try.

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perseverance skills

9 Ways You Can Improve Your Perseverance Skills

By YEC / October 23, 2019 /

How can you learn to persevere when you’re facing trying times or unforeseen challenges? We asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council for their best approaches.

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Why Taking Action Is the Key to Pursuing Your Passion and Purpose

By Richard Janes / September 19, 2019 /

We often get overwhelmed with the massive mountain in front of us. But how do you run 365 miles? You start with one mile at a time. 

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How Kathy Ireland Built Her Business Empire

By Jamie Friedlander / August 5, 2019 /

The supermodel turned model entrepreneur exemplifies consistent growth.

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Kathy Ireland Tough Skin

Why Kathy Ireland Believes ‘Rejection Is a Gift’

By Jamie Friedlander / August 5, 2019 /

How Kathy Ireland used criticism and rejection to reach her full potential.

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