Reading List: Big Magic

By admin / September 19, 2015 /

Creative living isn’t about poetry, painting or penning a best-seller; it’s about living a life “driven more strongly by curiosity than by fear,” writes Elizabeth Gilbert, who also authored the best-selling Eat, Pray, Love. Gilbert sweetly yet powerfully nudges readers to release fear, summon courage and allow the “strange jewels” hidden within each of us…

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The Creative Benefits of a Little Goofiness

By Melissa Balmain / May 1, 2015 /

Midafternoon. A windowless basement. One hundred sixty solid minutes of classroom time. With all these strikes against us, is it any wonder my humor-writing students and I sometimes feel as sharp and creative as a drawerful of socks? Good thing I always smuggle in my favorite stimulant. I’m speaking, of course, about goofiness. This isn’t quite the…

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Top of Mind: How Do You Wake Up Your Creative Side?

By SUCCESS Staff / March 3, 2015 /

Creativity for me comes from everything. Reading a consumer report detailing the best vacuum to buy can lead me to new social media ideas (don’t ask me how that works). Most people set aside quiet time to focus and be innovative, but for me, it comes when it comes. You have to always be open…

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Top of Mind: Get Your Creative On

By SUCCESS Staff / October 14, 2014 /

Trying to spark creativity is a little like trying to meet your future partner: It tends to happen when you’re not looking for it. At MakeWorks we say, “Be unintentional.” Rather than trying to solve your own problem directly, help others with theirs. We do weekly demos, and all of our startups share their wins…

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Reading List: Creativity, Inc.

By Jessica Krampe / April 26, 2014 /

In his vibrant, entertaining account of Pixar’s evolution from high-end computer company to animated film powerhouse, Ed Catmull, Ph.D., president of the company and of Walt Disney Animation Studios, invites readers for a behind-the-scenes tour to reveal the inner workings, missteps and triumphs of the company behind Finding Nemo; The Incredibles; Up; Toy Story; Monsters,…

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