how to apologize to your partner

How to Say ‘I’m Sorry’ to Your Partner

By Jamie Friedlander / July 9, 2020 /

We all say and do things we regret. The good news? Apologizing is a skill you can cultivate. Use this 6-step guide to learn how to say ‘I’m sorry’ the right way.

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managing your email

10 Best Practices for Managing Your Email

By Tony Jeary / September 26, 2019 /

When it comes to managing your inbox, these tips will increase your productivity and improve your communication with others.

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The Good News About First Impressions

By Josh Ellis / December 14, 2018 /

A study shows first impressions are often better than you think.

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10 Communication Secrets of Great Leaders

By Travis Bradberry / October 24, 2018 /

No one ever became a great leader without first becoming a great communicator.

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Afraid of Public Speaking? 7 Tips to Do It Well

By Margie Warrell / October 23, 2018 /

First thing’s first: Stop making it about you.

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How to Tell Your Story

By Kindra Hall / October 22, 2018 /

Next time the stakes are highest, break down the barriers and bridge the gaps by telling a story.

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The Power of Eye Contact

The Power of Eye Contact

By Shawn Achor / August 24, 2018 /

Lock eyes to build rapport.

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The Apology Tour

By Jonny Auping / August 23, 2018 /

Determined to become a better person, our writer tracks down those he’s wronged to say he’s sorry.

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8 Elements of Good and Bad Apologies

By Patty Onderko / August 23, 2018 /

And 4 elements of a disingenuous one

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10 Phrases to Drop from Your Vocabulary

By Lou Solomon / January 3, 2018 /

These verbal mistakes can cost you credibility and influence, so fix them, stat—if you want people to take you seriously.

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