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Supercharge Your Creative Power

We are all creative beings. The outcome of our lives is a product of what we have created. Learning how to tap into our creative power is what will allow us to realize our greatest potential and achieve the life of our hearts’ desire. Our September issue of SUCCESS (on newsstands now!) is focused on innovation and creativity. Our goal is to ignite your creative spark so you can innovate—your business and your life. I define innovation as the never-ending pursuit of something better. This is the defining spirit of the entrepreneur—the desire to improve, refine and streamline the old ways of doing things to improve the quality of our work and our lives.In business, as well as life, it is innovate or die. If you aren’t improving, you are falling behind. You cannot stand still. In today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving global marketplace, if you aren’t innovating and moving forward, you are effectively moving backward and the world is speeding by you.

If you aren’t improving, you are falling behind.

Innovation isn’t some big-bang happening. It is something you do every day by constantly challenging your status quo: your ideas, systems, processes, policies, behaviors and assumptions. What has become an adage is now true more than ever: “If it ain’t broke, break it.” To avoid extinction, change is not only inevitable, it is a necessity. Fostering creativity and innovation in yourself and your organization can become your great competitive advantage. Learn how companies like Zappos, Starbucks and Ritz-Carlton have used them to dominate their respective markets. Paul Zane Pilzer describes how innovation is creating the greatest economic opportunity in history. Dr. Srikumar Rao explains how to tap into the creative power of the human mind to achieve anything you want in your life. And certainly there is no greater example of creative collaboration and constant innovation than the hit machine that is David Foster. David’s 15 Grammys (that’s more than Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra) are a testimony to his creative capacity and the innovation he constantly delivers in his craft. I’m also excited to announce the official launch of our SUCCESS Video site ( where you can view and download the very best in personal-development video content, including expert tips and strategies as well as video extras from our magazine articles. Be sure to listen to my interview with David Foster and Paul Zane Pilzer on this month’s edition of the CD, along with the continuing series with America’s leadership expert John C. Maxwell and a new series with the great business philosopher Jim Rohn. Have your idea notebook handy, as this issue of SUCCESS is sure to get your creative juices flowing! Darren Hardy SUCCESS Publisher and Editorial Director

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