Glenn Sanford


Glenn Sanford is the Chief Executive Officer for SUCCESS Enterprises. Glenn is a serial entrepreneur who is also the Founder and CEO of eXp World Holdings. He is a guy who has learned that failing forward is way better than the alternative or regret.

Ted Laatz

Ted Laatz is the Chief Operating Officer for SUCCESS Enterprises. Prior to his current role, Laatz served as both the Vice President of Events and Affiliate Sales for Virbela, an immersive technology platform for events, business and education, and as the Vice President of Affiliated Services for eXp Realty

Cecilia Meis

Editorial Director

Cecilia Meis is the editorial director for SUCCESS and a digital nomad currently traipsing around Europe with her adopted cat, Dumpster Baby. She writes about other digital nomads and the future of work.

Garrett Hughes

Director of Digital Marketing

Garrett Hughes is the Director of Digital Marketing. He is a retired college football player from the piney woods of East Texas and spends his weekends at car auctions or water balloon fights. G.O.M.A.B.


Jessica Larijani

Director of Content Management

Jessica Larijani is the Director of Content Management. She is a graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism and, a self-proclaimed to-do list junkie, is always looking for new book, podcast and streaming recommendations to add to her Soon app. Outside of the daily grind, she’s a sucker for live music, walks outside and iced chai tea lattes.

Hugh Murphy

Product Marketing and Development Manager

Hugh Murphy is Product Marketing & Development Manager. A veteran magazine marketing staffer, he spent nearly 16 years with Beckett sports collectibles publications before signing on with SUCCESS in 2007. He finds great joy in time spent with family, friends and a good book.

Madison Pieper

Multimedia Content Producer

Madison Pieper is the Multimedia Content Producer. With a degree in journalism from Southern Methodist University, she has a passion for creative storytelling both on and off the camera. Outside of work, Madison loves figure skating, fashion, and spending time with her friends and family.

Ingrid Ulloa

Social Media Manager

Ingrid Ulloa is the Social Media Manager, where she manages SUCCESS magazine’s social media pages and advertising. With a bachelor’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications, Ingrid has a passion for graphic design, scuba diving, and loves her family, friends and her dog Jack.

Don Hobbs

Brand Ambassador

Don Hobbs is a Brand Ambassador of SUCCESS Enterprises. A sought-after speaker and coach with more than three decades of experience, he began his career under the mentorship of Jim Rohn, and went on to lead the iconic thought leader’s company.


Creative Director, Julio Garcia

Production Manager, Virginia Le