SUCCESS Talks Collection March 2017

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In this month’s edition, SUCCESS talks with best-selling author Jen Sincero about becoming a badass. We also chat with personal development guru Brian Tracy about the difference between confidence and self-esteem. Finally, we sit down with Terri Sjodin, author of Scrappy: The Little Book About Choosing How to Play Big on how to boost scrappiness in your own life

Jen Sincero on Being a Badass in Life

“Perfectionism and procrastination have such a fine line. You say, ‘Well I want it to be good. I want it to be perfect.’ But what you’re really doing is not doing your work. You’re putting off showing up and being visible because then you’re going to be judged and it might suck.”

Brian Tracy on Building Confidence

“The more you like yourself, the better you do. And the better you do, the more you like yourself. The more you like yourself, the more you persist, the more committed you are, the more determined you are. And  that leads to better results.”

Terri Sjodin on What it Means to Be Scrappy

“Small steps forward can lead to a successful outcome long-term. So a scrappy strategy encompasses all of your efforts. It’s research; it’s due diligence; it’s sweat equity. And [scrappiness] helps you to channel all of these things together in the most productive direction.”

SUCCESS Talks features fascinating interviews with prominent business, creative and thought leaders such as Tony Robbins, Anne Sweeney, Richard Branson, Tim Ferriss and Barbara Corcoran. SUCCESS Talks focuses on helping the listener nurture and develop their mind, body and spirit. Each month is thematically different and includes key takeaways designed to help you achieve your biggest goals and live your true passion.

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