SUCCESS Talks Collection June 2017

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In this month’s edition, SUCCESS talks with moneyman Dave Ramsey about financial freedom and the dangers of debt. We also chat with author Erik Wahl on sparking your imagination—becauase we’re all inherently creative. We also hear from best-selling author and co-founder of the Flow Genome Project about how to reach that elusive state of flow. Finally, we sit down with popular podcast host, Jordan Harbinger, about charm and the underestimated importance of first impressions.

Dave Ramsey on Life’s Lessons Hard Earned

“You gotta have something that’s bigger than simply making money, that you gravitate to and that you move to. It gives you energy, it gives your team energy and it even gives your customers energy when they’re coming alongside you.”

Erik Wahl on Bringing Structure to Creativity

“Emotional intelligence is about expanding our consciousness. It’s about becoming self-aware. It’s about understanding other people’s narrative, understanding our own cognitive biases. Maybe I don’t feel creative; maybe I view myself more as a numbers guy. It’s stepping outside of our immediate narrative and being able to look at our situation with emotional intelligence.”

Steven Kotler on Next Level Thinking and Focus

“A flow state is an optimal state of consciousness. It’s where we perform our best and we feel our best. It’s those “in the zone” moments of kind of total absorption and wrapped attention where we get so focused on everything that we’re doing, everything else just tends to disappear and all aspects of performance go through the roof.”

Jordan Harbinger on How Opportunity Lies Over the Horizon

“When things work out in a different way than expected, you can’t try to shoehorn the square peg through the round hole because you will drive yourself crazy. You’ll drive your team crazy and the level of stress you’ll end up putting on yourself—in addition to just running the business—can drive you under the water.”

SUCCESS Talks features fascinating interviews with prominent business, creative and thought leaders such as Tony Robbins, Anne Sweeney, Richard Branson, Tim Ferriss and Barbara Corcoran. SUCCESS Talks focuses on helping the listener nurture and develop their mind, body and spirit. Each month is thematically different and includes key takeaways designed to help you achieve your biggest goals and live your true passion.

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