SUCCESS Stories Episode 30: Rewriting the Rules with Glenn Sanford



This episode hits a little different, much like Glenn Sanford. A serial entrepreneur, Sanford is the founder of eXp Realty, CEO of eXp World Holdings, chief strategy officer of Virbela, and now the CEO of SUCCESS Enterprises

Glenn was in the real estate business during the 2008 recession, and his business was on the brink. But the born risk-taker saw opportunity, not hopelessness. He moved his entire company to the virtual world of Virbela, which SUCCESS uses today. (Feel free to come check out our world—it’s open and free to use!) Out of that foundation was born the eXp Realty that exists today: the largest virtual real estate brokerage boasting more than 40,000 agents. 

“This is either going to work or it’s not going to work,” Glenn says. “If it doesn’t work, we’re all going to be looking for work.” 

In this episode, Kindra and Glenn discuss: 

  • How success, rather than a state of being, is a mindset. And from that mindset come the physical manifestations of success, such as financial security, purpose, and notoriety. 
  • The importance of context when discussing success. Much like the many Greek definitions of the word love, success is never one thing, and it depends on the environment. 
  • Glenn’s journey to CEO of SUCCESS Enterprises, and how to improve your ability to recognize important opportunities and take the risk of going after them. 

Ready to embrace opportunity and stop focusing so much on the potential downsides? Take a listen! 

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