SUCCESS Stories Episode 20: Making a Transformational Shift with Anthony Trucks



A product of the foster care system who was eventually adopted by an all-white family, Anthony Trucks turned his self-determination and athletic gifts into a college football scholarship and eventually the chance to live his dream in the NFL. By 25, he was a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers, married with a son and a bright future, but a fluke injury quickly changed his path, derailing his football career and hurdling him toward despair. In the search for a way forward, he experienced what he describes as a transformational identity shift, the same type of shift he now helps others to make during their lowest moments. He has become a speaker, a best-selling author, the host of two wildly popular podcasts, and a great friend to the whole team at SUCCESS.

If you’ve ever stopped yourself from moving forward because of the stories of your past, this is a conversation you cannot miss. Listen to the full episode to hear Anthony’s story.

A few lessons from Anthony…

  • What you create creates you. When we are met with the realization we aren’t good at something, the emotional pain that comes with it makes us avoid it. We don’t try it again. We don’t learn lessons. We walk onto the next thing. But when you hear your excuse out loud, it can unsettle you. At that moment you have a choice: Decide you’re going to be great, and then do the work.
  • You can’t go into a “game” without a game plan. To make a plan you can execute, you need to learn how to break things down into chunks and steps; have an audible when necessary because things change; and learn how to execute in the face of pain, fear and failure. And you have to be disgustingly disciplined and consistent, because when you can do that, it can change your life.
  • To make a shift in your life, identity needs to be your focal point. Anthony’s Shift Method includes three stages: 1. See—look at some things. 2. Shift—do the work. 3. Sustain—keep that going.


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