Born and raised in Indiana, Jessi Raulet began her love affair with color at the age of 4 and has been creating ever since. She moved to San Francisco, worked in advertising, and then in 2013, she moved to Paris for love. But when she first arrived, Jessi didn’t speak French, didn’t know anyone, had left her career back in San Francisco and was feeling a little blue. So she went back to something she’s known her whole life: art. She started painting and making bright, colorful pieces that warmed her soul, put them up on Etsy, and it took off. Thus, the vibrant world of EttaVee was born. Today, EttaVee’s products from doormats to bathing suits to wall prints are available in places such as Target, HomeGoods, Wayfair, Amazon and many, many more. 

Jessi solved the mystery of turning art into business. Listen to the full episode to hear the stories that led to her success.

A few lessons from Jessi…


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