SUCCESS Stories Episode 109: Listening to Your Inner Badass With Jen Sincero



Jen Sincero is a badass. She’s a multi-time New York Times best-seller who is best known for reminding all of us that we already have all of the power we need to accomplish anything we want. Her 2013 book, You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life has sold over 3 million copies in more than 35 languages, and spawned multiple spinoffs, including the much anticipated upcoming December release of Badass Habits.

Jen’s books are filled with the permission to be you, and when she started writing You Are a Badass, she practiced what she was encouraging others to do. What she writes is not necessarily new in theory, but she writes in a way that is authentic to her style. This is proof that what you bring into any endeavor matters more than what others are doing.

It is important to stay true to yourself and embrace your personal process on the climb to the top. Listen to the full episode to hear Jen’s story and learn how she outsmarts impostor syndrome and stays authentic to herself, her voice and her niche.

A few lessons from Jen…

  • Find what works for you. What is your process when it comes to achieving your goals? Do you do well with a deadline, under pressure or in a calm environment? Find what creates your best output and embrace the good and bad of it.
  • Look for areas in your life where you are “white-knuckling.” These are times where you get worked up over something. Notice those smaller moments and practice letting it go. This will help you get into a habit of surrendering things that aren’t serving you.

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