SUCCESS Stories Episode 102: Finding Your Authentic Voice With India.Arie



India.Arie is one of the most accomplished R&B artists of all time—she has been nominated 25 times for a Grammy Award and won four times. A music therapist for the soul, India is known for her thought-provoking lyrics, and for her, music is a spiritual practice. She always hopes to entertain, but her intention is to make music that heals.

India created a personal mission statement in 2003 and still uses it today: Spread love, healing, peace and joy through the power of words and music. Any decision that she has made through the years is put up against her mission statement.

Knowing what you want to do is important. Listen to the full episode to hear India’s story. Let her experience and wisdom guide you to find clarity and stay true to yourself as you go through different seasons of life.

A few lessons from India…

  • There is a difference between awards and rewards. The rewards that come from connecting with others and being an influence in their life is worth more than the accolades.
  • Create a personal mission statement and use this for any decision you need to make. Does it align with your personal mission? Does it bring you closer to accomplishing your mission?
  • When you find yourself in a season of rest (COVID-19 lockdown anyone?), use that time to reflect internally and connect with your truth. This will help you say no to things that don’t align with your mission and yes to things that do.
  • What are some things that live just outside the concepts you have about yourself? During those seasons, relearn about yourself. What makes you uncomfortable, but makes you better? Do that thing.

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