SUCCESS Magazine Uncovers What Makes NBA Legend and Respected Businessperson Shaquille O’Neal a Powerhouse On and Off the Court

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PLANO, Texas, April 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)—SUCCESS magazine, the leading voice in the field of personal and professional development for 125 years, hits newsstands today with a cover story featuring Shaquille “Shaq” O’Neal and highlighting the NBA legend’s success on and off the court. The May/June issue illuminates what drove the iconic athlete in his meteoric basketball career as well as his second act in business and endorsement entrepreneurialism.

In the article, Shaq credits his success not to physical prowess or intellectual brilliance, though he has clearly and consistently demonstrated both, but to something much more basic: listening. “I’m just a regular person who listened,” he says in the article.

He explains that when he was a kid, he’d win a trophy on a Friday, his stepfather would set it out somewhere and then invite people over for a cookout to show it off. On Sunday, the trophy was gone. “I’d say, ‘Hey, where’s the trophy?’ He’d say, ‘Get another one.’” Shaq says that mentality forever propels him and keeps him grounded, and it’s also why he believes he won three NBA championships. “After the first one, I was like, ‘I’ve got one, I’m cool.’ Then I hear, ‘I bet you can’t get another one.’ Then, ‘Magic and Kareem got two, I bet you can’t get three.’”

Listening to the critics is what drove him to push harder for the next win, even after he retired from playing. Shaq’s success in business, investing and endorsements is almost as legendary as his basketball career.

“Over the long life of SUCCESS magazine, we’ve featured many visionary entrepreneurs, stellar athletes and everyday people whose motivational drive has propelled them to push for more, but Shaq is unique in that he represents all of these and more,” said Cecilia Meis, Editor-in-Chief of SUCCESS Enterprises. “Readers will be surprised to learn how he defines himself, where he likes to shop and what’s next in his ever-evolving winning strategy.”

“I want to continue to be successful,” Shaq says. “Continue to show my kids. Continue to show other kids.”

The May/June issue of SUCCESS magazine can be found on newsstands beginning today and online at store.success.comSUCCESS magazine is part of SUCCESS Enterprises.

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