Start Small Win Big 2013: Submit Your Essay

You’re almost done…. Now, it’s time to tell us why you should win SUCCESS magazine’s 2013 Start Small Win Big contest. Review the eight steps and then answer the following questions. Essays are due April 1 (no joke). For questions, email our editors at [email protected].

About You

First and Last Name

Your Business Name

Email Address

Phone Number

Will be used by judges solely for verification and notifying the winners


What kind of business is yours?

Tell us why you started or are starting your business.

Short Essay

Please write a short essay of approximately 300-500 words that:

  • Reveals what you learned from the challenge and how you are using that knowledge.
  • Tells what step or steps were the hardest for you to achieve and why. How did you overcome your obstacles?
  • Assesses your results. (Did you reach your primary goal? Why or why not? If not, what are you still working on?)




Journalist, podcaster and southpaw Shelby Skrhak is the former director of digital content and social media for Before joining SUCCESS magazine, Shelby launched the weekly suburban newspaper Plano Insider, and covered topics ranging from cops and courts to transportation and fashion. Her handwriting should be a font.

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