Spring Cleaning: Get Down to Business

It’s time to shed the excess so you can access those important items quickly—and focus on what’s truly important. Your desks, storage systems, bookshelves, filing systems, email and computer files could probably use a thorough de-cluttering. Sometimes your inbox fills too fast for you to even think about emptying it or moving messages to organized folders. (You can "Create an Email Whitelist" to start that organization process–important emails won't get lost, and silly ones won't distract you.)  And when you don't have time to file or throw that scrap of paper away, why not just stuff it in the nearest drawer? It's time to rewind and clean up that mess. But what to keep and what to purge?

Streamline decision-making by asking yourself these questions:

Have I used this lately?

Will I use it anytime soon?

Will it help me achieve my goals?

Do I have similar items that work better?

Can someone else get more benefit out of this than I can?

What’s the worst that could happen if I get rid of this?

You can be reasonably cautious about what you keep, but I’d rather have you err on the side of tossing too much than not enough. Take a deep breath and follow my mantra: Reduce, reduce, reduce!


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