Spark & Hustle, with a Touch of Vintage has partnered with Lifetime Moms to introduce you to some outstanding women. These women are a lot like you—they range from stay-at-home moms to successful career women, entrepreneurs and CEOs of their homes. They all attended Tory Johnson’s Spark & Hustle women’s conference this summer to learn more about growing their small business and found they learned something about themselves. We’ll feature one Lifetime Moms attendee from each city’s stop on the Spark & Hustle conference.

Meet Bonnie Matthews

“If you think you can do a thing or can’t do a thing, you’re right.” -Henry Ford

There’s nothing cuter than a well-dressed child, if you ask Bonnie Matthews. And she would know—her high-end children’s clothing line Blu Pony Vintage has been outfitting little ones since 2010. Inspired by designs from the 1920’s and 30’s, Bonnie created her niche line without previous business or design experience.

“I started this business not knowing anything about the field I am now succeeding in,” Bonnie tells SUCCESS. Her boldness paid off. The line is now in 65 retailers worldwide.

The South Pasadena entrepreneur and wife to artist Jason Matthews has found purpose through her risk-taking. “In the beginning, so much of what we do is by one’s self, and often you have a hard time remembering that what you are doing does have meaning and does have potential to succeed.”

Bonnie attended the Los Angeles stop of Spark & Hustle women’s startup and small biz tour, where she gained a boost of confidence from fellow working women. “Spark & Hustle, with its panel of inspirational speakers, helped me to not doubt what I have. We all question if what we are doing will pay off. Spark & Hustle reminds us that it will!”

Bonnie’s business continues to grow, with the addition of an employee. Her entrepreneurial experience has provided her with a mantra: “Be curious and really believe in what you want. If you do this, success will happen,” she says.



Teneshia Jackson Warner is an award-winning multicultural marketing expert, purpose-driven entrepreneur and author. She is the founder, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of EGAMI Group, a leading multicultural marketing and communications firm in Manhattan with clients such as Procter & Gamble, Target, Verizon Wireless, My Black is Beautiful, U.S. Army, Hennessy, Major League Baseball and Toyota.

In 2013, Teneshia founded The Dream Project Symposium, an annual empowerment conference that helps thousands of entrepreneurs, creatives and career Dreamers plan and achieve their goals. Based on concepts from The Dream Project, Teneshia’s new book, The Big Stretch: 90 Days to Expand Your Dreams, Crush Your Goals, and Create Your Own Success (McGraw-Hill Education, November 22, 2019), is a fully customizable self-evaluation and empowerment program for jumpstarting a new business, career or big idea.

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