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Slouching Solutions


The LumoBack system is almost like a portable cotillion class, featuring a belt that tracks your posture to make sure you’re sitting up straight, vibrating as a reminder when you’re not, and sending real-time posture feedback to your smartphone app. Not only does the system monitor if your slouching or sitting straight—it tracks sitting time, stand ups, steps and sleep position, all with data and feedback you can use to make your lifestyle a healthier one. (; $149.95)

Desktop Elevator

It’s not as high-tech, but it’s sure to be equally effective: The Desktop Elevator is the stand-up workstation your neighbor swears by, and it can adjust to the old-fashioned rump relaxer you’ll need by late in the afternoon. Say goodbye to inactivity, aka sitting, and the health risks that come with it—and say hello to increased blood flow and higher productivity, all with the perfect posture. (; $829 and up)

Good posture benefits your health—and so does standing up. Read why you should get up out of your chair and move a little.

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