Sites You Never Knew Existed…But Must Bookmark

Find yourself wasting time at the same Web sites, day in, day out? As you’d imagine, there’s a slew of great "off-the-beaten-path" online resources out there. Our editors put together a few of our favorite sites for news, organization, travel, health and entertainment, all for your visiting pleasure. Browse away. Just don’t do it on the company dime. Obviously, we never do. A search aggregator that pulls results from the big three (Google, Yahoo!, and MSN) and even ranks them for you. Plus, download extras like Firefox plug-ins, widgets, desktop searchers and more. Register, enter e-mail addresses and sort them into groups (work, family, friends). Flight delayed? Simply call jott’s 800 number, pick a group, and dictate a missive. Jott will e-mail your peeps. At 43 Things, you can enter your goals (from "buy new socks" to "learn German"), and some of the 1.2 million users will post comments cheering you on. For inspiration, search out those with similar goals. Quit wasting gas trying to find it on the cheap. Let this site find the most economical stations for you. Watch TV shows for free… without a TV. On the Web! Yeah, it’s not the first time you’ve heard of this, but it does feature full episodes from a variety of networks. Now that’s pretty notable. Ditch the goofy arm pedometer. Walk anywhere, and know how far you’re going. This loveable oddball is dedicated to offbeat gifts with an emphasis on style and charm. It’s perfect when shopping for the man or woman who has everything. Or when you’ve run out of ideas. Founded by a former Greenpeace exec and a graphic designer, this Web site features goods that are exceptionally designed and eco-friendly. An honest travel advice resource to get you where you want to go. Search by beach or barbecue joint. You can’t go wrong. Traveling by car? Dreading it? Visit this gem for car travel games and road trip ideas for kids. "Personal finance advice for people struggling to escape from the many-tentacled debt monster (in other words, everyone)." Their words, not ours. And they mean it. All the health news fit to print… on the Web. Your daily dose of health-related info-all very well maintained.

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