Shed Your Uniform and Show Some Personality

Shed Your Uniform and Show Some Personality

For roughly 325 days a year, we look exactly the same—basic slacks and dress shirts in standard colors of black, grey and muted tones. You might show your personality with a fun print or colored tie, but for the most part, your clothes are the same daily.

That is, until October 31st, Halloween… and the subsequent office Halloween party.

With Halloween comes the frequently-asked question, “What are you going to be for Halloween?” When we were children, the answer was oft the newest action figure or character from a child’s book. In our teen and college years, it was the most outrageous unoriginally original idea we could think of. Shock and awe was the sole goal. Now that we are business professionals, the rules have completely changed. And with the office Halloween party looming, a need for the perfect costume is at hand.

Take a cue from your college years and remove the “shock” and embrace the “awe.” This is your one free pass of the entire year to show your personality completely. With that statement, I must now make the disclaimer that showing your personality completely must also be completely work appropriate.

You’re a business professional. I won’t talk like you aren’t competent. You know that anything covered by a bathing suit should not be seen nor made fun of. Nothing offensive in nature, especially politically, socially or religious should even be considered. On the contrary, nothing that looks hastily put together will do either.


Now is the time for your inner-diva to come out and give your co-workers a little glimpse of your weekend personality.

Think you’re a world-class performer? Dress like Beyoncé circa 2011 MTV Video Music Awards.

No one knows, but you’re great with cars…Rosie the Riveter is perfect for you.

Are you a SuperMom in hiding? Reveal yourself today!

Embrace your age. Dress like the decade you were born. Show your confidence and humor with an impressive costume. For 50’s, think poodle skirts. The 60’s were totally mod. Think geometric patterns. Eighties babies could wear gold chains, neon shades and anything considered “fresh.” The 90’s were all about grunge, so break out your flannels in honor.

General rule:  Sexy is fine, skin is not. Use caution ladies.


Think you should be cast as the next James Bond or George Clooney’s body double? Here is the perfect opportunity to showcase that.

Are you the “Most Interesting Man in the World?” Prove it! Just leave the Dos XX at home.

Pop Culture references are always a hit. Don Draper or DJ Pauly D from Jersey Shore will prove major crowd pleasers.

General rule: If you wore the costume during college or have seen young adults wearing it, you should not be wearing that costume now.

Ultimately, the perfect work appropriate costume is one that allows room for humor and encompasses an aspect of your non-work personality.  Impress your coworkers with your witty costume and be the star of your office party!

Happy Halloween!

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