Shawn Achor and Michelle Gielan on Cultivating Long-Term Joy

Shawn Achor and Michelle Gielan on Cultivating Long-Term Joy

Are you content with your life, or are you consistently striving to grow? SUCCESS Happiness Guy Shawn Achor and Michelle Gielan, a happiness researcher and author of Broadcasting Happiness, say that pockets of joy in life are the ones you find while aspiring to become better than you were yesterday. In this husband-and-wife interview, Achor and Gielan answer readers’ questions including how to spark happiness in relationships and maintain joy amid the struggles of parenthood, and how men and women pursue happiness different.  In the workplace, listen why Achor and Gielan say you should save every positive feedback email for the days when negativity surrounds you—because happiness and joy are found in life’s smallest moments.


  • What’s the difference between joy and contentment? Why does it matter and how does it affect your goals?
  • Children seem to find joy in the smallest moments in life. Learn how to cultivate a childlike joy as an adult.
  • Remember and document the joy found in your life, because you’ll need those moments when life gets hard.
  • Think you’re too busy to cultivate happiness in your life? Learn how to make small pockets of time where you can do things that bring you joy, even throughout a busy schedule or while traveling.

“Happiness is the joy you feel moving toward your potential because it actually contains two elements: gratitude for the present moment, but also an aspirational move toward growth and potential in the future. The joy becomes fuel for wanting to see what our brain’s potential actually is and how much we can actually help the world.”

—Michelle Gielan

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