Seth Godin: ‘I’ve Failed Way More Times Than I’ve Succeeded’

In this episode of Behind the Brand, Bryan Elliott talks to entrepreneur Seth Godin about how failure, if done right, eventually leads to success.

Godin admits he has failed more times than he’s succeeded. When he invented the first videotaped aquarium and fireplace, he told himself he’d make the product if he received 30 orders. Even after securing a full-page magazine ad, he missed his mark.

“I got 24 orders,” Godin says. “Threw in the towel, sent everyone a nice gift, sent them their money back… and a week later I got eight more orders… and then I had to send those back.”

Godin says if he fails more than his competition, he still wins just by being in the game. The real lesson lies in always trying—even when the failures begin to stack up. As long as you get to keep playing, success is winnable.

“The people who lose are the ones who either don’t fail at all and get stuck, or the ones who fail so big, they don’t get to play again,” Godin says.

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