Set Your Relationship Goals with Richard and Linda Eyre

Richard and Linda Eyre have focused on families as the key unit of society, marriage as the key commitment of life, children as the key element of happiness, parenting as the key skill of personal growth, family-prioritizing as the key to life-balance, and family relationships as the key component of success. The Eyres are thrilled to share some of their “keys” in this blog series which will run twice a week for six weeks.

So that you can anticipate and implement, here is the line up:

Blog 2: Family Traditions and the development of family identity and security
Blog 3: Family Laws and the development of discipline
Blog 4: Setting up a Family Economy and developing initiative and motivation in kids
Blog 5: Overcoming children’s sense of entitlement with a sense of responsibility
Blog 6: Giving children real ownership of their money, their things, their choices and their goals
Blog 7: Family communication and family meetings that work
Blog 8: A family mission statement and getting help from a Higher Source
Blog 9: “The best thing you can do for your children is to love their Mother (Father).
Blog 10: Marriage partnerships and the sharing and synergy of parenting responsibility
Blog 11: “Serendipity” the first 11-letter S word key to parenting
Blog 12: “Stewardship” the second 11-letter S word key to parenting

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