Seize the Day

Laura Stack, productivity expert, knows what it takes to capitalize on opportunity. Follow these tips so you are prepared when that door opens–and then you can walk through to the side of success.

1. Leverage your strengths. Use every available tool, including assets, experience, skill sets, specialized knowledge and relationships. Recruit others who can fill in the gaps in your strengths.

2. Seek synergy. Establish partnerships whereby the results transcend those of normal relationships. Check or for potential allies.

3. Stay flexible. Don’t schedule yourself so tightly that you can’t accommodate whatever the world throws at you. Go with the flow but say no when necessary to maximize your freedom of movement.

4. Embrace change. Accept its inevitability. Meet it head on, keep pushing ahead and always look for the silver lining. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll wake up someday and the world will have evolved without you.

Make it a productive day. You can learn from the expert. Read more of Laura Stack's productivity advice, like how to eliminate energy drains, on


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