Seeking the Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs Under Age 30

How many times have you told yourself you’re not confident enough, not well-spoken enough, not charismatic enough? How many times have you convinced yourself you’re too young, too late, too average? How many times have you used one of these excuses to justify why your entrepreneurial dream hasn’t taken off?

Stop. Now.

Maybe in the “old days” of entrepreneurship, you needed at least half a million in the bank, a well-polished business plan and the audacity to call yourself an entrepreneur. No more. Now, side hustles and freelance work are what make up the ever-expanding gig economy. Whatever you call it, SUCCESS calls it the YOUECONOMY because individuals now have more power than ever to engineer their own career and income based on their passionate effort. In the YouEconomy, anyone can be an entrepreneur.

That’s why SUCCESS is assembling its first-ever SUCCESS 30 Under 30 list to celebrate young individuals building their own businesses, as well as creatives, freelancers, artists, independent consultants and self-employed achievers of all stripes. If you have an inspiring “Why” and are making your side hustle your main hustle, this is your list.

Don’t discount yourself before you start.

Nominate yourself or another by Nov. 16 for the inaugural SUCCESS 30 Under 30 list.

Remember, the worst dreams are those left unfulfilled. 


Why 29 Years Old or Younger?

This initiative aims to highlight the up-and-comers in the YouEconomy who are teens and 20-somethings accomplishing big things among their peers. We’re always seeking stories from entrepreneurs of all ages, but this particular list is for individuals 29 years old or younger.

What Is the YouEconomy?

The YouEconomy is a growing entrepreneurial movement of millions of Americans who have taken their future into their own hands, leaving the traditional 9-to-5 for the freedom of self-determination, making as much money as they want, working as much as they want and with whom they want, all in pursuit of a passion.

Who Is in the YouEconomy?

Lots of people. 

What Financial Guidelines Must Your Business Qualify For?

We aren’t necessarily looking for the wealthiest YouEconomy stars, but instead the most unique examples of young people using this growing trend to meet their own personal definition of success.

What Are the Benefits of Being Named to the SUCCESS 30 Under 30?

  • Each of our 30 honorees will receive exclusive print coverage in the May 2018 issue of SUCCESS magazine and on
  • Nominees may be selected to participate in interviews and photography at YouEconomy 30 Under 30 Media Days in mid-January 2018 with travel accomodations provided by SUCCESS.
  • SUCCESS will send a press release to national media announcing the 30 honorees.

I’m About to Turn 30, Do I Still Qualify?

All entrants must be under age 30 as of April 3, 2018. Co-founders may be nominated as long as all applicants are under age 30. 

How Are the 30 Nominees Selected?

To select the list of 30, SUCCESS will consider the submissions from this online nomination form, as well as expert opinion from industry experts and their own observation of the latest up-and-comers in the industry. SUCCESS editors will evaluate candidates based on available metrics such as social media and site traffic, as well as the narrative answers they provide in the nomination form and eligibility requirements of age and residency. ​Only residents of the United States and Canada are eligible. All submissions become property of SUCCESS magazine and may be used in any form for content, promotion or marketing by SUCCESS.

Nominate someone for SUCCESS 30 Under 30 by Nov. 16



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