Score Big with Small Steps with Travis Bott

Score Big with Small Steps with Travis Bott

We won’t win every day, but we can work most of them in our favor. This week, Law of Attraction host Natasha Graziano talks with Travis Bott, an NFT entrepreneur, about the ways that we can scale our time and talent to begin achieving small wins and luckier odds. Bott also shares his advice for successfully exiting a company you built from the ground up.

Bott’s exit from the company was something he had been working toward since the company’s inception, but it was his previous entrepreneurial experience that prepared him for it. As he shares with Graziano, it’s important to accrue small wins in order to build the skill and confidence needed to achieve bigger goals, such as exiting a nine-figure company that was built and sold in a span of two years. Bott continues on to discuss how to build successful teams, the rituals that empower him for the day ahead and his current projects.

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