Saving Loot

Avoid buying
anything from a vending
machine. These items
usually have a big markup
and they are
rarely healthy.
Send away for and
follow up on rebates the
day you make a purchase.
Get your books from
the library. You can’t
beat free.
Never pay checkingaccount
fees. There are free banks out there.
Drive your car longer. Drive it as long as
it’s safe.
Eliminate some of your cable service. Do
you really need 500 channels?
Take your lunch to work one more day
each week than you do now.
Get organized and
avoid missed
payments…and those
late-payment penalties.
Cut dryer sheets in
half to double the value
of each box.
If you don’t have
someone to share it
with, split your meal in
half and put the rest in a
to-go box for
tomorrow’s lunch.
Quit drinking soda.
For magazines that are must-reads, subscribe! It’s
cheaper than buying them on the newsstand.
Don’t pay interest on your credit cards. This is
obvious, but as soon as you fail to pay off the card
in full, the high interest rates start to eat away your
monthly budget.
Buy furniture at a consignment store.
Plan trips where you have friends and family.
Travel, connect, and possibly get free room
and board.
When fl ying, bring your own snacks. Airport
food can be expensive.
Make your trip purchases like sunscreen and
aspirin ahead of time. Tourist stores are
more expensive.
Keep tires properly inflated. It keeps you safe
and uses less gas.
Have a yard sale.
Start an automatic savings
plan with your bank.
Eat at home more often.
Sell your old stuff, like CDs
and books, on eBay
and Amazon.
Freelance on the side. If you
are a good writer,
photographer, artist,
mechanic, programmer or
repair person, make extra
money by selling your
talent to companies on
the side.
Make your own
greeting cards.
Try a community
recreation center or area
park for exercise instead
of paying for a gym

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