Sauce Media Group Founder Sam Hobson Fairman Offers a Fresh Perspective for Business Owners in a Digital World


PUBLISHED: December 16, 2022
Sauce Media Group Founder Sam Hobson Fairman Offers a Fresh Perspective for Business Owners in a Digital World

Sam Hobson Fairman is no stranger to the social media game, with nearly 11,000 followers on Instagram and a successful podcast, she found a clear talent for social media branding. Fairman launched Sauce Media Group, a social media management company helping business owners solidify their online presence. The business has grown more than 365% in the last year—an unfathomable amount for brands that aren’t taking advantage of what the digital world can offer. 

Sauce Media Group  is a graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program, which showcases small businesses who have proven themselves successful and full of potential. This exclusive opportunity shows the dedication that Fairman puts into her work and the powerful results she produces. 

To pass along the favor shown to them as a budding business, the media group now offers a workshop to supply businesses and brands with the tools they need to cultivate an online image and find success. From the start, Fairman had a very clear vision for hosting intimate workshops. The connections and communication between business people in a smaller environment holds much more value, as everyone has the ability to be more hands on. Held in the downtown Los Angeles fashion district, this two-hour workshop teaches crucial social media knowledge, presented by experts who have grown their own successful brands.

Fairman started these workshops to combat the culture of gatekeeping in the social media industry. “Back when I was starting Sauce Media, I would love to have had a roadmap to go into such an important quarter from a social media expert,” Fairman says. “So that’s what I’m doing now—I’m creating that opportunity for brands in today’s day and age.”

Sauce Media Group’s services and workshops are impactful because Fairman has gone down this path before. She put in the work of building her brand and is determined to share the knowledge she accumulated over the course of her career to help others grow theirs, too. 

Her passion for social media and entrepreneurship is evident, and it’s only the beginning for Sauce Media Group.

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