Sally Hogshead: ‘It’s Good to Be Better, But It’s Better to Be Different’

In this empowering talk, New York Times best-selling author and CEO Sally Hogshead explains that what makes people fascinating are the same things that make them different. Taking a step back from the typical idea of hard work, she shines a light on how high achievers actually make it to the top.

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Her discovery? Being better isn’t always what’s best. Rather than being in competition with everyone else, it’s better to tap into what you do best and build your life around it.

“We’ve been so trained to focus on the ways in which we can be better that we forget to see the ways in which we are different,” she says. “What I want to show you is that in today’s creative, commoditized world, a world that distracted and competitive—it’s good to be better, but it’s better to be different.” —Sally Hogshead


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Running time: 19:11

Filmed April 2017 at SUCCESS Live in Dallas

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