Sabastian Enges Shares How to Flip Your Mindset to Tap Into Your Potential


PUBLISHED: January 20, 2023
Sabastian Enges Shares How to Flip Your Mindset to Tap Into Your Potential

Because your imagination can do all you ask in proportion to the degree of your attention. What kind of attention do you place on the things you desire? If you want to manifest something in your life or become a certain kind of person, you must first be able to imagine it.

What people believe to be true often influences where they currently are in life. But what if your shadow beliefs are holding you back from entering the life you believe you deserve? 

If you are not looking in the shadows—the underlying foundation of who you are—you will never get the desires you want. We have to listen to the self-talk subconsciously running through our minds—the one telling us that we are not good enough, worthy enough or significant enough to achieve what we want—and flip it on its head.

If we are not conscious of that voice, we end up acting out of that belief system when we don’t see results. With millions of people replaying these emotional setbacks, it’s hard to imagine one where shifting the blame ceases to exist. But what if we could consciously create our reality?  

Well, you can. You are the creator. And this is the mystery. This is the great secret known by the seers, prophets and mystics throughout the ages. This is the truth that you will never know intellectually until someone pulls you out of your current way of thinking.

And for Sabastian Enges, an industry-leading business performance coach, the creation of your success starts with you. “It isn’t a destination; success is a journey of becoming and unveiling who you truly are,” he says. 

What we fail to realize is that life changes when you become the conscious creator. Right now, your entire universe is being generated by your unconscious mind. It’s an unconscious set of patterns that, aided by nature, keeps expanding in a continuous cycle. But we can take that experience, recognize what’s going on in the pattern and shift it into anything we desire.

With that opportunity comes the power to grow exponentially and heal. The difference is this: We are not attracting these ideal moments to occur; we are generating them. And by doing that. we must push ourselves to take on greater responsibility regarding how we see ourselves and where we see ourselves going. 

It is a skill many people lack and one that is more critical in today’s world than ever due to the constant stream of ideas presented every day. So, you need to apply critical thinking in your decision-making to make sure you’re able to see things in new ways and decipher what facts are emotional, inaccurate, based on bias or only part of the picture. 

But since it’s almost impossible to eliminate emotion from your reaction or attitude in certain situations, you can employ critical thinking techniques to help you make the correct decisions. You will receive the most accurate view of the reality of a situation, and while it may not make you 100% objective, you can move closer toward the results you want.

So how do we flip our mindset?

When we think about who we are, most of us tend to climb into our ideal world, visualizing who we wish to be, or believe we already are. However, this is not an accurate representation. 

If you are floating in-between, sinking into a delusion where you don’t know who you are, it all comes down to what Enges refers to as the identity gap. “The bigger the gap in between, the less chance you will have the power to change your life,” he explains.

So many people think and believe that their world is currently at its best, but there comes a time when this delusion shatters after hovering in one place for too long. “If they genuinely believe that they are eating right all the time, working out on schedule, have perfect relationships and incredible work ethics, but still aren’t seeing the results—what is our only option?” Enges poses. “We blame others.”

By shifting blame to family, friends, communities and capitalism when we don’t see or gain results in our world, “our internal standard has been hit,” according to Enges. This is a massive indicator that our values, priorities and standards are much lower than we think.

“So until you get real about who you are, you have no shot,” he says. “Once you realize that, it is at that precise moment when you need to revisit your actual worth—what your true standards are.” 

We always have access to our internal standards, so when it comes to self-development, we’re in control. We can flip our mindset by getting honest with where we want to go and coming up with a plan for who we want to be.

“If we can teach people to think right, we don’t have to tell them to do right,” Enges explains. 

By shifting our priorities and refocusing on our standards and values through self-awareness, we can become a producer in life. We need someone to tell us the truth, and once our expectations are aligned, life becomes much more accessible. Otherwise, without self-awareness, the pattern will continue to prevail. 

“My goal is to speak at a level of truth that resonates with those ready to hear it. The more people that begin to remember, the faster everyone else will,” Enges says. “But for those who are awake or are going through the process of awakening, it creates a space for them to learn and to grow like never before.”

The CEO of Fenix Consulting Group, Enges is an industry-leading entrepreneur and speaker who has worked with thousands of young professionals across North America as a mental conditioning and performance coach, successfully training and developing their leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

With decades of experience in sales, strategic marketing and consulting, Enges helps unfulfilled young professionals unearth who they are by taking them through the phases of why life is happening to them and how life is happening for them.

Thanks to his valuable insight and “mentality first” methodology, he provides others with tools and resources to help them think for themselves and take responsibility for their future.

Enges dives deeper into how conscious capitalism plays a role in how we operate. For a more in-depth understanding of how we can better ourselves, join Enges and a group of like-minded people as they discuss developing a producer mentality and becoming a conscious creator for life.

Tap into one of his many group coaching sessions for more information, or follow Enges on his socials, including his YouTube, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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