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By now, I hope you’ve all read about SUCCESS’s 2nd Annual Start Small Win Big Entrepreneurial Challenge in the February 2013 issue.  If you haven’t entered, well here’s my strong encouragement that you do.

Why?  Well, running a small business is hard work.  And, it’s difficult, when you have so much going on — from developing your product or service, to selling it, to dealing with your finances, to figuring out who is going to take out the trash — to find the time to step back and really think about what triggers you need to pull to make your company a success.  This eight-week contest gives you an excuse to do just that.

You can find the first article announcing the contest and giving you some tips to get you on your way on

Of course, you can just read the advice in the article and leave it at that.

But, I promise you, you’re not going to get as much out of this unless you can commit to it.  Take some time this week to sit back and think about what your business goals are.  Then, let’s work on reaching them together!


Enter the contest at

Read Steps 1-4 of the Start Small Win Big Challenge


JJ Ramberg is an author, the founder of and the host of MSNBC's small business program, Your Business. She was the featured mentor for SUCCESS' latest Start Small Win Big entrepreneur challenge. 

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