Ricki Manahan Transforms Her Real Estate Brand into RE/MAX Gold


PUBLISHED: October 10, 2022
Ricki Manahan Transforms Her Real Estate Brand into RE/MAX Gold

The name Ricki Manahan has become synonymous with the Tahoe region’s real estate industry. The highly skilled professional has built a pristine reputation as a realtor by consistently delivering the needs and demands of her esteemed clients. This time, Manahan has transformed her services into RE/MAX Gold, her aptly named brand, and continues to deliver the same quality and prestige for which she has always been known.

Most people looking to settle down have a dream home in mind. And as homebuyers, certain things are non-negotiable when it comes to making that choice. Manahan is well aware of these needs and extremely passionate about delivering nothing but the best to her numerous clients.

With RE/MAX Gold, Manahan is poised to deliver the best real estate services in the industry. As a top real estate professional, she has acquired great success in granting client wishes. Finding the perfect fit can be a daunting task when it comes to property, but there is no task too tall for Manahan.

Equipped with tremendous market expertise and a penchant for going above and beyond her clients’ demands, Manahan has shown the world that she is more than capable of producing results. RE/MAX Gold will serve as an extension to her already spotless track record. With decades of real estate experience under her belt, Manahan has consistently provided her clients with the best deals available. 

A skilled salesperson and negotiator, Manahan earned the title “The Huntress” for her keen instincts. RE/MAX Gold will deliver her services to an even bigger clientele, helping clients find their dream homes in the Tahoe region, where she spent most of her life exploring. 

“I am a quick study,” Manahan says. “Once I understand my client’s goals and key attributes for their vacation or primary home, I will do everything in my power to find properties on or off the market until I find the perfect solution.” 

Manahan’s knowledge and experience have allowed her to see what other realtors seem to be missing. “I personally change the market in neighborhoods in a positive way,” she says.
When they say it can’t be done, I say, ‘Just watch me work!’” 

Before dipping her toes in real estate, Manahan took up positions in various public and private sectors. She spent a decade in the entertainment industry as a student at Arizona State University and gathered experience in several other industries. Throughout the years, her accumulated experiences became the foundation for her innovative business skills.

Serving clients from the Truckee-Tahoe region as well as other domestic and international clientele, Manahan has vowed to educate more people about the ins and outs of the real estate industry. Through RE/MAX Gold, she hopes to bring in even more clients as well as explain the importance of cooperating with realtors.

“If clients and realtors cooperated well, everything would run more smoothly,” Manahan says. “People should listen to their realtors because they are on your side when looking for the ideal deal.” 

In her situation, the objective is always to provide the client with the greatest service as soon as possible, and she also thinks that’s true of other realtors. “Customer pleasure should be the aim for realtors, as it is the best marketing strategy,” she adds.

Overall, Manahan is taking the real estate industry by storm. RE/MAX Gold is positioned to bring more success to the renowned real estate professional by spreading positivity to even more satisfied clients. There’s nowhere to go but up from here for the esteemed realtor, and it’s only a matter of time before Manahan becomes a household name in the real estate business.

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