Reprogramming Your Brain with Eugene Choi

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We spend most of our time in the fight, flight or freeze responses of survival mode, says Dr. Eugene Choi. Although we’re not running from scary animals, we are surviving emotional threats daily. This can show up as anger, anxiety, overworking, needing to prove you’re right, or intentionally numbing or distracting yourself from emotions. 

In this episode, Dr. Choi talks with In the Details host Karen Allen about building awareness of your trauma responses, developing emotional regulation tools and rewiring parts of your brain programming that aren’t serving you anymore. 

Dr. Choi’s career didn’t begin in neuroscience, but his passion for storytelling and transformation—and the unique skill set he possessed to do so—played a vital role in his interest and ability to make neuroscience interesting and easy to understand. Now, he discusses the difference between our survival and executive states and why we are so often in the former, exercises to build awareness, and both short- and long-term methods for escaping survival mode. 

Dr. Eugene Choi hosts The Neurohacking Podcast and developed Neurohacking School.

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