Reading List: Two Awesome Hours

UPDATED: October 11, 2015
PUBLISHED: May 23, 2015

Being intentional about how we use our time is not an earth-shattering idea. Yet most of us don’t do it well, writes Josh Davis, director of research at New York’s NeuroLeadership Institute.

Biology and psychology (nutrition, sleep habits, exercise) and environmental factors (a chaotic or calm workspace, noise and lighting) play a major role in undermining or enhancing our ability to focus and concentrate. Add the ubiquitous distractions of the digital age (emails, texts and social media), and it’s not hard to understand why our to-do lists never seem to shrink. The workaround to this problem is to ditch the notion of efficiency and focus on creating space for two hours of effectiveness each day, Davis writes.

Two Awesome Hours clearly explains the basis for his approach and presents five easy strategies to help readers be more productive and effective:

• Recognize your decision points. Choose what tasks to take on and in what order so you tackle what matters most.
• Manage your mental energy. Schedule tasks based on their priority.
• Stop fighting distractions. Allow your mind some moments to wander and refresh.
• Leverage your mind-body connection. Move your body and nourish it for success in the short term.
• Make your workspace work for you. Adjust your environment to minimize distractions and maximize creativity.

by Josh Davis, P.h.D.
May; HarperOne; $25.99