Reading List: The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need

To Anthony Iannarino the secrets to becoming a top sales professional are not complicated. They’re not new, they’re not trendy, and they’re not easy. “Remaking yourself doesn’t happen overnight,” writes Iannarino. “It takes time and effort.”

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Divided into two sections, the book devotes one chapter each to principles for an effective mindset (in addition to self-discipline, these are optimism, caring, competitiveness, resourcefulness, initiative, persistence, communication, accountability and influence). Part two covers skill-set principles (closing, prospecting, storytelling, diagnosing, negotiating, business acumen, change and leadership). “You’ll see some improvements in your sales results immediately,” Iannarino writes, but mastering the program is “a career’s worth of work.”

The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need
By Anthony Iannarino
October; Portfolio; $27


This article originally appeared in the October 2016 issue of SUCCESS magazine.

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