Reading List: The Introvert Entrepreneur

UPDATED: December 9, 2015
PUBLISHED: November 21, 2015

In the broadest sense, introverts prefer to spend time alone or at least need alone time to recharge their internal batteries and prime themselves to interact with others. Introverts tend to shy away from group gatherings yet aren’t necessarily shy. Bill Gates is an introvert; Bill Clinton is an extrovert. Yet both are very successful people.

Being an introvert is neither an advantage nor an impediment to being a successful entrepreneur, writes Beth Buelow, founder of a coaching company that focuses on introvert entrepreneurs. Her clients describe five common challenges: networking (exhausting), sales calls (dreaded), self-promotion (smacks of bragging), collaboration (personality-clash worries) and energy (desperation for downtime). Buelow suggests smart strategies to manage these and other concerns.

Regardless of your profession, aspirations or age, any introvert will find valuable counsel and guidance in this brainy, accessible book.

By Beth Buelow
November; Perigee Books; $16