Reading List: The Business Book

UPDATED: May 22, 2023
PUBLISHED: February 22, 2014

Along with its popular travel guides, DK is well-known for its graphically rich reference books that distill complex subjects into concise, comprehensible portions. In DK’s new addition to its reference library, the editors take on the business world, drilling down to come up with easy-to-digest explanations of entrepreneurial and corporate strategies, concepts and theories, such as SWOT analyses, market mapping, differentiation, unique selling propositions, risk management, leadership styles… and everything in between. The book includes profiles of entrepreneurs, companies and products, and advice from business icons and influencers such as Warren Buffett, Michael Dell, Bill Gates, Anita Roddick (The Body Shop) and others.

More than a well-designed cheat sheet, The Business Book is a worthy addition to your bookshelf. Dip into it whenever you need a quick refresher course, historical context or impressive factoids for a company gathering or networking event.

Compiled by DK Adult

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