Reading List: StandOut 2.0

UPDATED: October 21, 2015
PUBLISHED: August 1, 2015

Four years after the publication of StandOut, Marcus Buckingham releases this updated version. Like its predecessor, StandOut 2.0 isn’t a standalone publication. To fully benefit, readers need to take the online assessment tool (an access code comes with the book) meant to reveal your two top strengths measured against nine archetypes. For example, advisers are practical, concrete thinkers who excel at solving other people’s problems. Connectors bring people and ideas together. Equalizers seek to maintain balance in a group, while influencers are talented persuaders who excel at engaging people.

Buckingham explains how to apply your top two talents to improve your performance and that of your team. Bottom line: Even without the assessment, readers can figure out the strength roles that fit them best and use Buckingham’s advice to refine strengths and overcome weaknesses.

He packed 2.0 with bells and whistles, including access to your own Personalized Success Channel where you’ll receive weekly tips to help you do your best work. You’ll spend only about 15 minutes taking the test, but what you learn about yourself will last much longer.

by Marcus Buckingham
August; Harvard Business Review Press; $25