Reading List: Monster Loyalty

UPDATED: May 22, 2023
PUBLISHED: May 17, 2013

By Jackie Huba



Portfolio/Penguin; $24.95

Love her or hate her, one thing is undeniable: Lady Gaga is a virtuoso marketer and brand strategist as well as a social-media savant. She built a worldwide extended family of loyal fans by inviting them into her life, interacting with them daily and acknowledging their contributions to her—make that “our”—success. Marketing expert Jackie Huba, author of Citizen Marketers and Creating Customer Evangelists and blogger at the Church of the Customer, distills Gaga’s approach into seven key lessons that any business can apply or adapt to upgrade its brand loyalty. Among these elements: Focus on the top 1 percent of your base, create a community, give your fans a name and make them feel like rock stars. Gaga concentrates her interaction on her most ardent fans, who in turn influence the millions, Huba explains. And she’s adopted her fans into her extended family, given them a moniker (Little Monsters) and a signature greeting (monster claw hand). Bottom line: Monster Loyalty, a relatively thin book, is thick with stylish ideas, artful insights and valuable information that any company or individual can use.