Reading List: Financially Fearless

UPDATED: May 8, 2023
PUBLISHED: December 21, 2013

In 2008, Alexa Von Tobel left Harvard Business School to create a consumer-friendly online financial advisory service. Her mission was to teach financial literacy to young women—to help them straighten out their finances and avoid future money woes. Launched in 2009, her company, LearnVest Inc., found its niche: offering subscription-based advice by certified financial planners along with free advice and resources.

In Financially Fearless, CEO Von Tobel lays out LearnVest’s fundamental philosophy on how to create a realistic budget and take control of your money. You will first figure out what your finances look like and where that puts you, and then you will create a 50/20/30 plan, which shows you how to spend your take-home pay. Von Tobel includes questionnaires designed to ferret out underlying beliefs that affect attitudes about money, worksheets to establish budgets and identify goals, and “Fearless Lessons” that draw attention to important information. While the advice is basic and will be familiar to anyone who’s read Suze Orman, the book is geared to help the financially complacent and those who need a push to face their finances. The book delivers sound suggestions in an easy-to-digest package.

by Alexa Von Tobel

Crown Business; $19.99

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