Readers Best Tips for Peak Performance

Terri Garner, recruiting director, The Centennial Group: Know your priorities. "Maintain the balance of priorities and keep a check on your thought process. When priorities are maintained, balance is maintained and I can achieve success in all areas. Keeping a check on my thought process is equally important, as I firmly believe that thinking drives your actions, which drives your results."

Bill Cole, CEO of Procoach Systems: Improve your communication skills. "View tough audiences as your teachers. Reframe them as partners in co-creating a valuable learning experience you both share. The more difficult your audience, the greater the victory in winning them over. Any win is more meaningful when it is more difficult to achieve. Secondly, use negative thinking and visualization. Use mastery visualization where you plan ahead for potential problem contingencies and practice responses to unusual or difficult speaking circumstances. You plan and hope for the best, but you open your eyes to potential bumps in the road in advance. You visualize failure, then overcome it in your mind during practice."

Stephen Hopson, speaker, author, life coach: Believe in yourself. "Born profoundly deaf, I've had to overcome tremendous adversity to achieve what others told me would be impossible. The adversity has been mostly obstacles put up by others because of their doubts about my ability to accomplish what I set my mind to. As a kid, I badly wanted a job at the gas station down the block from our house. My father told me he didn't think they would hire me because of my deafness. In defiance, I went and applied for the job—and got it. I also told my parents it was my dream to be a pilot. Again they told me I couldn't. I put my dream on the back burner. One day I discovered deaf pilots had been flying since 1948. I started flight training in 2000 and became not only a certified pilot in 2001, but also a commercial pilot in 2003, and in 2006 I did the impossible by becoming the world's first deaf instrument-rated pilot. The so-called aviation experts said it couldn't be done—even my flight instructors said that. Interestingly enough, all of these people actually helped me stay the course despite their negative beliefs in me. I wanted to prove them wrong."

Janice Hughes, chiropractor, health educator, 2inspire, LLC: Focus on your health and overall wellness. "Pay some level of attention to your health and well-being. Too many people wait until they have a problem, crisis or challenge, and then wish and wonder why they didn't pay more attention to their health before they lost it. So often we pay attention to our wealth, to our success, but what about the wealth of health? All too often we get to wealth and abundance only to find out we don't have the health to do all the things we've planned and envisioned for ourselves. It's our personal responsibility to focus on our health and well-being. Only we can do this for ourselves."


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