Quick Tips to Start Your Day Stress-Free

Start Your Day Stress Free

Eudene Harry, M.D., is the medical director of Oasis Wellness & Rejuvenation Center in Orlando. Her book, Anxiety 101: The Holistic Approach to Managing Your Anxiety & Taking Your Life Back, includes tips like these, which help you start your day right:

1. Prepare well the night before.

Select the clothes you’ll wear; pack your lunch; have your keys, briefcase, handbag, laptop, paperwork, etc., ready to grab.

2. Start the day with an optimistic thought.

Research shows we can lessen anxiety by identifying stress-inducing thoughts and replacing them with positive thoughts we believe more strongly.

3. Set the tone for your day with 10 to 20 minutes of regenerative “me” time in the morning.

Use prayer or meditation, for instance, to dial down stress, blood pressure and fatigue.

4. Make lists.

Make a realistic list of high-priority tasks from a packed agenda. The list will keep you focused, limit frustration and lead to a sense of accomplishment at day’s end.

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