Protecting Your Company’s Data

Recently, retail superstore Target suffered a data security breach that compromised 40 million customers. If it can happen to Target, it can happen to you. According to a survey from the Ponemon Institute, 55 percent of small businesses have experienced a data breach. So how can your small business work to avoid a catastrophic violation?

1. Start with a strong password policy. You can also password-protect individual folders or even files of your most important data. Consider options for file encryption software.

2. Make sure all your computers have virus and malware protection that update automatically. Programs like Symantec and McAfee have solutions specifically for small businesses. Or you can pay for protection from a company like Argos Risk Defender.

3. Allowing access to important data on mobile devices is risky if you don’t have the right security software (just think about all the iPhones you hear about being lost or stolen). Only a few employees should have access to critical data, but make sure they can’t get to it on their mobile devices.


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