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As the founder and CEO of WordSmithRapport™, Karima Mariama-Arthur brings more than two decades of comprehensive, blue chip experience in law, business, and academia to the field of professional development. A leading authority in cutting-edge adult education, Karima is distinguished by her commitment to excellence and extraordinary talent for elevating executive brands. As an expert facilitator, executive communications consultant, and strategic leadership advisor, she trains, coaches, and consults individuals and organizations on the dynamics of complex communication and high performance leadership competence.

Articles by Karima Mariama-Arthur

How to Commit Yourself to a Lifetime of Learning

How to Commit Yourself to a Lifetime of Learning

3 steps to help cultivate your desire for knowledge and turn it into success

January 8, 2018
5 Things You Need for a Successful Mindset

5 Things You Need for a Successful Mindset

Change the game by changing the way you think.

January 10, 2017

The 7 Types of People You Meet at Networking Events

Being able to identify these personality types will help you successfully work the room.

March 14, 2016

5 Ways to Harness the Power of Disruptive Thinking

Shake things up by changing the way you think. Here’s how.

January 21, 2016

4 Characteristics of People Who Are Mentally Tough

Mental toughness is the secret sauce for performing at the top of your game. Here’s how to get it.

December 24, 2015

6 Tips to Become a Thought Leader (aka How to Be a Big Deal)

Building a polished and powerful professional brand is the foundation for creating value and the genius behind thought leadership.

October 6, 2015