Prepare for Liftoff in 2014!

Get ready for the new year with this to-do list built to help you make your life more productive and positive.

1. Set goals. Take a good look at what you want in life. Have you committed to these goals by purposefully taking steps toward reaching them?

2. Get a mentor. Seek out people with knowledge you desire. Ask about mentorship possibilities.

3. Read. Create a personal reading program by determining how many books of different kinds (personal development, business, nonfiction) you’ll read this year. Don’t skip literary fiction; a recent study shows it improves social skills!

4. Improve productivity. Log your activities for a week to assess time-wasters. Make sure you aren’t spending chunks of the day on activities that don’t drive your business forward or improve your life.

5. Wake up early. Get up before your household to contemplate what you want to accomplish—then seize the day!

6. Get an accountability partner. Check in regularly to review accomplishments, areas for improvement and next steps.

7. Do something you’ve always wanted. Life’s short; don’t wait to get started on that bucket list.

8. Take small steps. Whatever it is you seek, just get started. Commit to some easy, feasible activity to move you closer to those goals every day.

9. Journal.Whether it’s ideas, problems you want to solve or inspiring quotes, write it down!

10. Practice mindfulness. Improve your effectiveness, well-being and longevity, research shows, by learning how to stop needless ruminating in order to focus on the here and now.

11. Expand your capabilities. Learn a language, take a public speaking course, take up chess or skydiving or rock climbing.

12. Seek wonder. Ditch the been-there-done-that mindset. Instead, see the world through a child’s eyes; experience awe.


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