Packed with Purpose: Changing the Game in Corporate Gifts


PUBLISHED: October 20, 2022
Packed with Purpose: Changing the Game in Corporate Gifts

Have you struggled to find the perfect employee appreciation gift? Or never found the right “thank you” package for clients or prospects? Are you missing that something that makes you and your company truly memorable?

Packed with Purpose corporate gift boxes provide the answer you need for your staff, clients, company events, holidays and more. So what kinds of corporate gifts do they offer?

Packed with Purpose offers amazing corporate gift boxes

Packed with Purpose’s distinctively curated gift boxes delight recipients while strengthening relationships and showcasing your company values. Each hand-selected gift has a tangible social or environmental impact thanks to its more than 140 purpose-driven product suppliers (referred to as “Impact Partners”).

This woman-owned business entices you first with its variety of fun and memorable gift boxes, but stays with recipients much longer thanks to its memorable Impact Booklet, featuring stories of the communities and lives impacted by your purchase. Starting at under $50, with larger gift packages up to $100 and more, Packed with Purpose finds a great balance between unique offerings and items that anyone will enjoy.

Delicious cookies and chips, biscotti, artisanal crackers, chocolates and other candies, fruits and nuts, small batch salamis, dipping sauces, aromatic teas and other edibles will satisfy anyone on your gift list. Plus, many gift boxes include unique offerings—bath salts, personal spa items, tumblers and even a bonsai tree kit are available to further indulge recipients on any occasion.

Packed with Purpose makes shopping easy with thoughtfully chosen gift categories. They’ve sorted assembled packages by gift categories like client, prospect, conference and event. You can even shop specifically for holidays and commemorations such as Hispanic Heritage Month, or by thematic collections such as the Sophisticated Bar Set with crystal rocks glasses, whiskey beverage cubes and more. 

What sets this online gift box company apart?

Yes, the wide selection and quality of gift boxes set Packed with Purpose apart from other corporate gift companies. But more than that makes this highly rated gift box company truly unique.

Woman-owned business

Former Peace Corps volunteer Leeatt Rothschild launched Packed with Purpose in 2016 with the purpose of creating meaningful social impact through the everyday act of gift giving. From preserving the environment to investing in women and diverse-owned businesses to employing adults with barriers to employment, these gifts transform lives and communities. As such, Packed with Purpose is part of the Women Owned initiative and is Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) certified.


Packed with Purpose is a certified woman-owned business that embeds social and environmental impact into the everyday act of gift giving. In creating meaningful social impacts while strengthening human connections, Packed with Purpose gifts make an impact in 6 areas across over 140 Impact Partners. These impact areas include:

  • Improve the global environment through sustainability
  • Provide workforce development to persons with disabilities and disinvested groups
  • Empower women through professional and personal development and housing
  • Create opportunities for youth in underresouced communities
  • And much more

And while many companies have strived to refocus themselves with similar social and environmental impact goals, Packed with Purpose is different. That is because its objective of lasting social and global impact has been cooked into its DNA since its founding. As such, it’s built right into the business model. That’s where Impact Partners come in.

Impact partners: Lasting, positive, sustainable change

You can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep. The same goes for corporations. It might sound nice when a brand claims to care about its community or the environment. But that changes when you find out its suppliers don’t have the same goals and standards.

Packed with Purpose breaks the mold through its Impact Partners approach. Every memorable gift offered in its boxes is resourced by a carefully chosen purpose-driven product supplier. That is, organizations dedicated to making positive social and environmental changes that last.

Some of those Impact Partners include:

  • Firebrand Community Arts
  • Aspire Coffee
  • Harbor Sweet
  • Lark Fine Foods
  • The Tea Spot
  • Bright Endeavors
  • Junita’s Jar
  • And hundreds more

Each of these Impact Partners provides the unique gifts found in every Packed with Purpose gift box. They represent women- and diverse-owned companies in the U.S. committed to eco-friendly and small batch treats and gifts. The benefits of resourcing these companies for your company gifts add up quickly! Not only will your corporate gift be unique, but your company values will be on display and you and your recipient will know that you are committed to a stronger and more positive business community. Plus, with so many Impact Partners working with Packed with Purpose, available gift options are as varied as they are purposeful.

Distinct branding with each gift box

Buying a gift box from Packed with Purpose shows that you care about your planet, your society, sustainability and under-resourced communities. It also shows that you care about your recipient enough to choose something truly delicious, unique and fun!

But there’s another aspect to corporate gift-giving. You want to be remembered. Whether buying a gift for a prospective client or as a thank you to your great staff members, you want the recipient to know who it came from.

Packed with Purpose provides options to include your company logo on a personalized message, the gift box itself or with both. Impactful branding for one recipient or 1,000 is about as simple as uploading a JPEG or PNG file. Not only will prospective clients or event attendees remember your gift—they will remember you.

Is gift ordering simple and dependable?


As mentioned, you can browse by holiday event or even by type of gift recipient. You can also choose options ranging from sending just a few gifts to 10,000 or more to save on shipping. The decision is entirely yours, and Packed with Purpose balances both its number of options with simplicity very well.

Where the gift box company shines in going above and beyond is in its concierge service.

Suppose you find the perfect gift box for your staff recognition week or a crew of new hires. It may include such enjoyable gifts as found in the Gratitude Galore package or Chicago Gourmet Goodness. But beyond the personalized, branded card and packaging, you already have an in-house or third-party gift in mind. Could be as simple as a button, cap or tee. With Packed with Purpose’s unique concierge service you can add your own company swag, brochure or even third-party products. They can also help you gather recipient addresses for hassle-free delivery. And if you prefer total simplicity, Packed with Purpose gift cards start at only $25. With each, bulk and overnight shipping options are available.

Packed with Purpose: Changing the Game in Corporate Gifts

Who loves Packed with Purpose’s corporate gifts?

You can tell that we are impressed by Packed with Purpose. But we’re not the only ones. Some of the biggest brands in the U.S. rely on Packed with Purpose to provide quality corporate gifts including:

  • Google
  • Accenture
  • NBC Universal
  • Advanced Group
  • Loyola University, Chicago
  • And many more

Packed with Purpose testimonials range from corporate recipients who love their gift boxes to managers pleased with the impact their gifts made. Maybe the simplest testimonial says it all:

The gifts were a tremendous hit!

  • Axia Technology Partners

Is Packed with Purpose right for you?

At every point, we found a lot to love about Packed with Purpose. The quality and uniqueness of the gifts makes them ideal gifts to show appreciation to employees as well as clients and sales prospects. Plus, a range of prices and options makes them suitable for any corporate budget and at any volume. The addition of your corporate logo or other branding helps you stand out, and a concierge service further customizes your order.

Maybe most importantly for us, Packed with Purpose supports women- and diverse-owned businesses with a solid plan for social impact and environmental sustainability built in.

 Visit Packed with Purpose to see for yourself.

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